Book 1 of the Battle Of Vathapi Trilogy

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It is not uncommon to spot historical fiction novels these days. What is rare is to find well-researched historical fiction. What is rarer still, is finding an author who has moulded his research into a fascinating storyline with a spellbinding style of narration. This book, Arun’s debut novel, is certainly a must-read.

Amish tripathi


Seventh century India. An ageing Chalukya ruler. A young, vengeful Pallava king. The war between the two is imminent. Who will win?

The young Pallava king, Narasimhavarman I promises his dying father that he will avenge the humiliating defeat inflicted upon their clan by the Chalukyas, nearly a decade ago. Three valiant Pallava captains embark on a quest to form strategic alliances and weaken Chalukyan allies — before their fateful encounter in Vathapi. But there are obstacles aplenty in their way.

From central Lanka to Ujjain, the determined trio faces unexpected twists, dastardly plot, cunning spies and treachery and deceit at every turn. Blazing battles are fought, shocking secrets are revealed and love blossoms even amidst the chaos. Will the Pallava warriors succeed in their mission? Will Narasimhavarman fulfil his oath?

With its captivating drama and rich detailing of a glorious period of India’s history, Nandi’s Charge, the first book of an enthralling trilogy, is an irresistible page-turner.

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But it is the way it is presented that captures the reader’s mind. There is action, reaction, strategy, counter strategy, Nalanda in its pristine form, Chanakya neeti, battles, squabbles, wheels within wheels…. And a lot more!!! Makes us think, not enough or in words of hutAtma Sri Vikram Batra “yeh dil maange more!”

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The story is set in 7th century CE, the research is deep and the narrative is riveting. The spies are discovered unexpectedly by the readers and the characters etch themselves on your mind.