Book 3 of The Battle of Vathapi Trilogy

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Those who know history (though what happened in Vathapi is not certain), will anticipate the denouement in the third volume of this trilogy.  But this is fiction and Arun Krishnan’s masterly portrayal of Bharatavarsha (a geographical part of it) of the time leads the reader up to the final clash between the young lion and the old, Narasimhavarman Pallava and Pulikeshi Chalukya.  Right at the end (the Epilogue), the reader wonders, what all this was in aid of?  In the end, there was only darkness wrapped in darkness.  But there is an inevitability in the way the author depicts the protagonists and their actions, like a Greek tragedy.  A great example of how historical fiction should be written.

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The stage is set for an epic finale as Vathapi prepares for a clash of titans. Who will emerge victorious and claim dominance?

The three fearless Pallava captains who had set out months ago to avenge their clan’s honour feel cornered and hopeless after suffering devastating losses at strongholds in Korkai, Parivipura and Asanur. Now, the Pallavas must devise ingenious strategies to thwart the dual onslaught of the Chalukyas and their Ganga allies.

At Kanchi’s doorstep, Pallava King Narasimhavarman is ready to confront his nemesis, Pulikeshi, in a battle that is not just for territory but for honour, revenge and the fulfilment of a promise made to his dying father. Is the mighty Chalukya King Pulikeshi as invincible as he believes? Can the young king stand against this mighty lion and change the fate of seventh-century India?

In Simha’s Roar, the pulse-pounding finale of the Battle of Vathapi series, Arun Krishnan thrusts readers into the heart of a historic clash through masterful storytelling. In this electrifying showdown, destinies are forged as two mighty empires fight for survival.


Krishnan’s masterful storytelling, combined with well-developed characters and a brutal yet apt portrayal of ancient warfare, makes this a must-read.


The two battles described in this book will keep you turning the pages ferociously – Manimangala and Vathapi.